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Obtain a project report of my activity

Use project report to follow your activity tableau de Bord pour suivre son activité

Project report is a function which allows you to manage your activity as a whole by viewing it all on the same page. Implement graphs, projects, notes, people todo lists in one view.

An automated action plan

As it is connected with all your notes and projects in progress, your report updates itself automatically.

With Project reports, some tasks that you probably never use such as calls, meetings, deadlines come into action. Indeed, you will be able to visualise them more efficiently on your dashboard with a Todo list of calls and meetings for instance, or a timeline with deadlines.

It will allows you to export the report as a whole, or per widget via Word et Powerpoint.

Beesy centralises all meetings’ actions. It will be easier to find your lists, by person, project within the same graphic view.  

A graphic report

Choose your filters, organise your report with the relevant widgets for you and obtain a graphical version of your activity : 

  • Choose the relevant widgets for you 
  • Choose your filters to be fixed per widget or modifiable via the top bar
  • Organise your report by dragging and dropping widgets
  • Replace the Eisenhower matrix and the “comes and go” between panels for a global and aesthetic view


Démonstration – Comment bien utiliser le tableau de Bord pour suivre son activité



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